Stories are powerful.  Stories are what connect us.  Stories can inspire us.

Our group decided to help tell stories and now encourages you to tell you own. We also encourage you to step back and think “what if ________ had gotten help?” Whose name would you fill in that blank with? The reality is, it’s likely most of us can think of at least a couple names to use in that blank.

Thank you for stopping by to learn more. Now, where will your story go from here?

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is an outpatient treatment plan that can help you overcome addiction to opioids.  MAT has many important features: You receive MAT as an out-patient, it includes medication to decrease cravings and withdrawal, it includes long term support: monitoring, counseling, and maintenance.  MAT is not substituting one drug for another, as people start MAT with a non-addictive medication to help stop the suffering, symptoms, and cravings from withdrawal.


Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) is another way of saying the misuse of opioid pain medicine and therefore at high risk of becoming addicted.  “Opioids” are pain medications, also called prescription pain killers or pain pills, as well as illegal opiate drugs, like heroin.  OUD hijacks the brain.  For some people they cannot reason through this stage.  Once misuse becomes an OUD, a person begins to use not to get high, but to feel normal.  Over time, a person begins to feel withdrawal symptoms if they do not use the drug.